24 hodinový servis

Prague nonstop locksmith service

  • Opening locked doors and resolving locked-out situations
  • Opening cars and deposit boxes
  • Opening all kinds of locks (cabinet locks, deposit locks etc.)
  • Break-in recovery
  • Removing a broken key
  • Replacing locks and cylinder locks
  • Installation of security sets
  • Installation of additional locks, latches and espagnolettes
  • Welding doorframes
  • Construction of cylinder locks
  • Production of keys with respect to the type of the lock
  • Construction of general and main key systems
  • Installation of security doors (9 points certificate)
  • Safeguards design (based on the demands of insurance companies, if required)
  • Repairing locks and cylinder locks

The response time of a locksmith ranges from 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the current traffic situation.